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Trail Trainer is a mountain biking skills and fitness video series that will put the fun back in your indoor cycling workouts.

Each of our products, whether DVD or Digital Download feature:

-Coaching/narration that can be turned on or off.

-Subtitles that can be turned on or off.

-Structured workouts based on proven training principles.

-A dashboard that guides your workout: RPE indicator, elevation bar, total and interval timers, and a trail pitch indicator.

-Narrator guided training tips and drills.

We are happy to announce our full integration with Trainer Road for all of our workouts.



– Get a Killer Workout,
Each video is specifically designed to provide a structured workout aimed at improving your fitness and strength. Whether you’re training for Leadville or just don’t want to be the last one back to the drink cooler, Trail Trainer will push you to your limits.

Increase Cycling Power and Fitness,
Each Trail Trainer video has varying workouts that are tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to do a 20 minute all out interval session or looking for a long endurance ride, we’ve got your training needs covered for any time of the year.

– Improve Bike Handling Skills,
Each one of our trail videos features skills drills or tips sections that will help you focus on bike specific tasks that will make you a better rider and improve your bike handling.

– Build Confidence,
By pre-riding the trail, you’ll be prepared for the varying and technical terrain the trail has to offer. Mentally practicing riding trail obstacles will build your confidence level without the risk of falling off a cliff or running into a tree. When you go ride these epic trails in person, you’ll be ready.

– Explore New Trails,
Come discover all the trails the world has to offer, all without leaving the comfort of your home. If there’s a trail you think should be featured as a Trail Trainer video, contact us and let us know. We may just come film on your backyard trail!

– Have Fun,
The first person filming in all of our training videos engages you and makes you feel as if you are really out there riding the trails. This virtual experience pumps up the fun and makes the workouts fly by.

– Choose What You Like,
Each one of our videos has the option to watch with a coach narrating the ride or to ride without the coach so you can listen to the excellent soundtrack that goes with the trail. If you want to hear the instructions and encouragement from the coach but don’t want the voice on, you can turn on the subtitles.

Bearclaw Poppy, Wasatch Crest, Gooseberry Mesa

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Come enjoy the twists and turns of pristine mountain singletrack, feel the heat of the desert slickrock, and ride trails you’ve only dreamt about. Trail Trainer can take you on an engaging ride without ever leaving your basement.

Use Trail Trainer on any home bike setup or take to the gym:


With the option of digital downloads or DVDs, you can play Trail Trainer workouts on any device:



REVIEWS “…If you do trainer miles, seriously consider these DVDs. They will make you a stronger rider, while keeping your sanity as you pedal away inside the house…”

The Bikinator “…I would recommend the Trail Trainer set for any mountain biker who is stuck indoors on a trainer. The videos give you a variety of workout lengths, the opportunity for doing intervals, and single track footage that does not disappoint. You have the option to use the audible coach or to leave it off and enjoy the music. Check out the Trail Trainer website and order yours today. Treat yourself! Anything that makes trainer rides bearable is worth it. You will not be disappointed!”

The MTB Life “I’ve done my share of spin classes and using a stationary bike at home. I love the concept of spinning along a real trail in a real location. …The scenery and the real-life perspective from the seat of a fellow mountain biker really appealed to the single track soul in me. …These Trail Trainer videos would make a great addition to your spin library or the perfect stocking stuffer for the snowbound mountain biker. Riding virtual singletrack will keep you more motivated to train on those dreary weather days until your riding season starts.”